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Wall painting & facade design

Facade design for art lovers, builders and architects.

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Wall painting & facade design porsche


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Creativity & real craftsmanship – Professional wall painting

Are you looking for a design of your walls with huge pictures? As a theater painter and artist I offer distinctive wall painting, wall design & illusion painting. Through my many years of experience as a professional facade painter enstehen numerous representative paintings for banks, public institutions and theaters. For art collectors and homeowners. For catering establishments, architecture and construction companies, commercial premises and stores, churches and day care centers.

A facade design is unique and sustainable. It needs experience, spatial imagination and a confident handling of materials. To reproduce an image on a facade is a very challenging matter.

As a theatrical painter, I can design your object with large-scale painting and refined details. Through an independent artistic contribution to the building project, I can provide you with a reference to the architecture and the function of the structure. Use your facade as an advertising medium and to beautify the cityscape.

Wall painting & facade design house
Art copy from artist nikolaus kriese

Nikolaus Kriese

Artist & commission painter

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Facade design & wall painting

Together we develop an overall spatial and color concept for you and create a completely new room atmosphere.

Analysis of your rooms

Development of room concepts. Development of true to scale motifs

Wall painting & facade design medical office

High quality and versatile materials

Ideal for: Businesses, amusement parks, spa facilities, commercial properties and hotels.

Wall painting & facade design horses

Ceiling painting, staircases and illusion painting

Material imitations (e.g. marble and wood)

Wall painting & facade design car dealer

On all grounds

Implementation on concrete, plaster, wood & metals

Wall painting & facade design sports hall

Versatile materials

Resistant exterior & interior facade paint

Wall painting & facade design art


Painted pictures

As an artist, I have been painting all my life and experimenting with a wide variety of formats & styles.


Hours of experience in implementation

From 10,000 “operating hours” we have a profession. I have been painting for longer.


Miscible colors

Actually, the tonality and color spectrum is infinite. But as an artist, I hit the perfect hue.

“As an artist, I design your walls: each surface can be painted individually and extended at any time. – Also partially. Thus, each facade becomes a unique piece with added value for cities, architecture and companies or in private.”

Nikolaus Kriese

Theater painter & artist

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Wall painting with added value

Thanks to new innovative and highly pigmented paints, your wall painting, both indoors and outdoors, will withstand any requirements. In addition, the colored surface gives the wall a second skin that defies all odds: rain and wind, sun and cold.

“There are no limits to our imagination! The basic requirement for finding the perfect motif is a creative process. As an artist, I will help you realize their desire – mural.”

Art copy from artist nikolaus kriese
Nikolaus Kriese
Artist & commission painter
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